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I'm a sucker for all chocolate chip cookies; and I also dance on an all-women

hip hop team in Oakland's

In The Groove Studios!

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Owner & Event Creator

Hafa Adai, party peeps! I'm Ame Hernandez and I am here to help you plan or manage the event of your life. I love celebrations and events, and especially love building relationships with clients. With over six years of experience in the industry, I have planned over 300 events - specializing in the most unusual places, flipping outdoor and dark spaces into inviting atmospheres. 

I am currently the President-Elect of the International Live Events Association, Northern California Chapter (ILEA-NCC). I am a co-chair who helped launch our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee within this chapter, and I serve on the DEI committee internationally. I volunteer my time to the industry because it's so important to give back and continuously learn. I am also involved with the Pinayista community because it warms my heart to be a part of a community that lifts each other up as Filipina women. 


I can tell you how much I love Excel sheets, how quick I am to think on my feet, how calm I am under pressure, and how professional I am with clients... but what you should know is that I know how to have fun and CELEBRATE! ​Give me a good theme and I will go crazy with it. ;) Let's cheers to life, love and celebrations. I hope to get to know you more but until then, sending you all the love & confetti!

Are you ready to Celebrate With Ame?

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I'm an amateur musician who enjoys singing, playing guitar and drums, and learning music production.


Events & Marketing Lead

Oh hello, I'm Chelsea Veloso! I'm a brand and experiential event marketing professional. For Amersive, I help produce events and hope to lead the way for our Los Angeles market. With a focus on connecting with vendors of color, I also lead our marketing and social media efforts.


I originally came from a lifestyle and street wear brand marketing background to recently bringing my Fortune 500 client’s brands to life in the event space by strategizing and executing consumer and corporate marketing campaigns, activations, retail pop-ups, trade shows and seasonal product launches. 

I can't wait to work with you and bring your vision to life. Connect with us and I will hype you up throughout the process!

Chelsea brings genuine smiles and sunshine into any room she walks into. Her energy brings events to life and we are so lucky to have her on our team.


Are you ready to Celebrate with Chelly?



I love soft serve ice cream and can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting. Oh, and I love Marvel.

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Event Operations Manager

Hey hey! I'm Matthew Hernandez and I help Amersive Events with operations, logistics, and execution. I really enjoy organizing because it makes me feel more at ease.

My background originates in the fitness industry, running wellness programs in the corporate world. I planned and executed wellness events dedicated to promoting brands that support a healthier lifestyle. I recently transitioned into office management for a non-profit where I feel that my skills are being used for a greater cause. 

Matt brings a humble, can-do spirit wherever he goes. He will roll up his sleeves to get the job done and knows how to work well in a team to ensure clients are happy.


Are you ready to Celebrate with Matty?

Celebrate with Love & Confetti

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ease to events,

deliver fun ideas, and create authentic experiences.

We are here to build memories that will last a lifetime and ensure that our clients feel special as if they are part of our family. 

It is also our mission to support the BIPOC community and #vendorsofcolor through relationships, collaboration, and education.

Our Mission
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About Our Logo & Values

The Amersive Events logo symbolizes:


  • The A symbolizes family. Fun fact: Our names all start with the letter A. Family matters the world to me, and I want our clients to feel like they are family, not just another client. 

  • The hibiscus flower symbolizes foundation. It has always been my favorite flower because it reminds me of Guam, where I was born and raised. Living in Guam and being Filipino, we are naturally all about hospitality. I want our clients to always feel like they are invited and welcomed with the warmest hugs and smiles. 

  • The heart in the center of the hibiscus symbolizes love and passion. With all the events and celebrations we plan, we do it all with love. It is our passion to make our clients feel special and decide on every little detail fro the heart. 

Let us celebrate with you!


We make sure to bring your vision to life and create a lasting impression for your guests and clients. We also host a podcast for everyday party people so you can learn from event pros in the industry as you plan your event!



Podcast: Celebrate With Ame

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Yaaas! Thanks for joining the party. So excited to have you!

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