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10 Things We Learned When We Were Engaged

We gon' get real here - none of that "I learned I didn't like my flowers." or "I learned I should've hired a day-of planner." type stuff because wedding planning is deeper than decor and you should know to hire a day-of or month-of wedding planner by now. ;) This list is one that my husband, Matt, and I put together when we talked about what we learned.

To listen to us chat about our engagement and planning process, listen to this podcast episode here. It's the first time Matt speaks on my podcast! If you're a married couple, comment on the bottom and let me know what you learned when you were engaged.

Alright, let's get straight to it:

1. Our relationship felt different. We were together for five years before getting engaged and had a ton of deep conversations, but being engaged felt different. We had deeper conversations about ourselves, our relationship, who we are individually and as a couple. We talked about our families, values and what we wanted to bring into our own family. What started as dream talks while dating turned into reality. Our faith also strengthened thanks to our priest and Deacon. To read about the topics we had to talk about and our Catholic engagement experience, click here.

2. Stress can take away the joy of planning so easily.

You can so easily get caught up in the stress and frustration of planning. It's real - the anxiety, small or big panic attacks, eye rolls, numerous deep sighs. There are times when you'll be like, "Why am I even doing this?" and end up losing the point of it all. Remember the bigger picture: you are getting married to the love of your life. That's the point. It's not your mom's happiness, your best friend's wants, or if your flowers will be fresh. You're getting married! Tell your significant other why you're grateful for him/her. Go on a date. Take it back to your WHY.

3. Find the balance in planning and having fun.

With all the stress coming in, you need to make planning more fun! I know you're excited (or stressed) and just want to get things done but be careful about planning your wedding every day. Carve out specific days out of the week for planning. We would do "Wedding Wednesdays" so every Wednesday night, we'd drink wine while we plan or go to a cafe or restaurant to focus on planning and not get distracted with the couch or Netflix at home. Just know that the month before your wedding is typically when it gets cray cray so plan ahead