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How To Plan A Romantic Beach Picnic At Home: Details and Photos!

I wanted to set up a picnic at the beach for my husband to celebrate our anniversary but it was way too windy! Plan B quarantine style? Set up a romantic picnic in our bedroom complete with a charcuterie board. Here's a photo of us enjoying a "picnic at the beach" below. Read through the blog for a shopping list of items to recreate your romantic picnic at home for your loved one!

Before I started doing the board, I set up the room first because I didn't want the cheese and fruit to just be sitting there. I used old bedsheets and pillows (that were clean of course) to create a cozy look. I used candles, candle holders and battery-operated twinkling lights to add to the ambiance. Here are the products you can buy off of Amazon:

Once I was happy with the look, I started on the charcuterie board! I had to make sure to add watermelon and peanut butter cups because that's some of his favorites. It was easy to shop for this charcuterie board because Trader Joe's has everything (and we also already had some of these items at home). For your salami, you can roll it or just fold it in half to make it look good. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there's a balance of color on your board. Don't place all the cheese and crackers on one side!