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Must Explore: An Underrated Town on the California Coast (Road Trip Itinerary)

To celebrate my husband's birthday, we wanted to do a quick getaway that was safe and away from crowds... for obvious reasons. I found a tree hut in Elk, CA that was perfect - but where in the heck was Elk? I've never heard of this small town on the California Coast.

Coming from the East Bay, it was a 3-hour drive away. Whether you're coming from the East Bay or Sacramento, you may essentially hit the same cities on the road to Elk, California so included in this blog is our mini road-trip itinerary as well as our Elk itinerary.

PSA: Please make sure you wear your masks and have hand sanitizer on deck!

The Road to Elk, California

The Girl & The Fig - Sonoma, CA

One of the most popular restaurants in Sonoma. Their food is so good; but especially don't miss out on their chocolate chip cookies! One of my top 5 faves. Make sure you have the correct restaurant address (W Spain St) and not their office. Reservations required due to limited outdoor seating.

Second Stop: Grab coffee and sandwiches

We went to Ike's in Santa Rosa to have something simple to eat in our cabin. Make your own food or purchase dinner on the way!

If you get car sick easily, be prepared. There are very windy roads on the way to Elk. The scenic route is beautiful, but not as enjoyable if you get sick easily.

Arriving at Elk, California

The Tree Hut

To view more details about our stay at the tree hut, view my blog post about it here. Want to know my Top 5 glamping spots? Subscribe to my newsletter to get access to it later this week!