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Support #BlackLivesMatter Through Events

It’s been very emotional for many of us. A very emotional couple of days, weeks, and YEARS for some. Even during times when we feel helpless, we have been looking at multiple ways we can help. This includes using our voice on social media, having conversations with our family and friends, protesting, educating ourselves more about Black history, signing petitions and donating to funds. As I sat there thinking about what else I could do, I thought about how I could use my passions to support this movement the best way I know how: EVENTS. I am here to provide a few ways you can support our Black community through events – whether it’s you supporting as an attendee or creating events. If you have any other resources you'd like me to share, feel free to comment below and I'll edit!

Along with this blog, listen to the quick podcast about supporting #BlackLivesMatter through attending or creating events here.

When you're thinking about a dinner date, a birthday party, a bridal shower or any other social event, think about which black-owned businesses you can order from.

Here are some resources for black-owned businesses in the Bay Area, Sacramento and LA by others who have posted and shared:

Bay Area Black Market - Bay Area's #1 Black-Owned Business Directory

Bay Area Spreadsheet - coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants open for take-out and delivery created by Soleil Ho

Los Angeles Spreadsheet - coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants open for take-out and delivery created by Kat Hong

Sacramento List of Restaurants - designed by Lauren Charles

Bon Appetit's Working List for a few major cities

Here are two websites you can check out to attend events - ranging from an Afrobeats Fusion dance class, yoga, candid conversations and open mic nights.

If you decide to create a class or event using your talents and skills, here are a few organizations you can raise money for. 

Here are a few Bay Area vendors that you can check out to hire and support for your next virtual or in-person event. Some will travel to Sacramento too!

Pinx Catering- Catering

Alia Sharrief- creative/rapper

Sir JoQ- vogue dancer/entertainer

Elle Inspired Productions- Event Planning & Design

I hope this helps you! Let's continue to support our Black community and fight for justice and equality.

Sending you all the love & confetti,


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