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Little, Meaningful Details To Personalize Your Wedding and Tell Your Love Story (13 Examples)

It is so darn easy to get caught up in all the wedding day details! Do these flowers go with those linens? What signs do I need to put up? What dress will match the color scheme? All these details are important but many times, the details that tell your love story are overlooked.

Your wedding should tell your love story - whether it's a virtual, small or big wedding. Let it be special for both you and your fiancé. It's not the easiest to figure out how to portray who you are as a couple, so where do you start? Ask yourselves questions like, "What are our favorite hobbies? What do we like to do together? Do we collect anything? What's our song? Who are we as a couple?" These types of questions will help guide some of the tiniest details that can enhance your wedding day!

In this blog post, I'll go through how my husband and I incorporated details to tell our love story throughout our wedding to inspire you with ideas and examples. To listen us talk about it in full detail, check out the wedding podcast by clicking here. Please subscribe and rate when you can! I super appreciate it!

1. My husband loves Marvel (Avengers specifically) and comic books.

To pay tribute to his nerdy love for Marvel Avengers, I paid a friend to sketch a comic strip of our love story from when we first met all the way to our wedding day. It was a simple snapshot and we changed out a few of the Marvel words like "Infinity War" to "Infinity Love" and he absolutely loved it! After he opened it as his day-of gift, we displayed it at the reception.

2. Our song was "Fall 5.0" by Brian McKnight because this was the song Brian McKnight closed with on the night my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. We asked our friend to play it on the keys as I walked down the aisle. It had us flashing back to when we first become officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Do you both have a song that someone can play instrumentally as you walk down the aisle?

3. Our ceremony location was the first church we attended as a couple. After the ceremony, we decided to replace the traditional "rice toss" with lavender instead because I love the smell of lavender and it's eco-friendly!