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10 Unique & Fun Quarantine Date Ideas

Let's face it: Rona ain't goin' away anytime soon! 2020 still feels so unreal and I get it, staying home can drive you a little cray cray. Instead of complaining with your partner or sitting on the couch binge watching another show on Netflix, spice it up a bit with a date night for the both of you, a date night for one or a date night with friends! Below are some ideas to help get your creative ideas flowing. If you decide to do one of these date ideas, tag me on Instagram @celebratewithame - I'd love to see it!

1. Enjoy a virtual wine tasting experience at home

There are a few wineries that are doing virtual wine tastings. How it works: you can purchase wine from a specific winery and set up a private appointment with them so they can educate you about their wines. Some wineries hosts tastings through Instagram Live so it depends on the winery you decide to purchase from. Find a list of wineries hosting virtual wine tastings as well as special shipping offers here.

2. Craft your own beer tasting or bottomless mimosa tasting at home

If you're not much of a wine drinker, purchase some individual craft beers you've always wanted to try at your local grocery stores or order from your local breweries. Mimosas are another option: Grab some different juices to try with your champagne. Ooh, or you can have a BEERMOSA! Set it up nicely on your table, put on some hip hop in the background, and get a little ratchet!

3. Have an at-home spa night

This one is my fave! My husband actually did this for me when I was so stressed out. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your room that reminds you of being at the spa. Play spa music in the background, turn on your oil diffuser (this is the one I use), drop in Plant Therapy essential oils, and massage your partner with a massage oil of your choice. You can take turns!

If you want to opt out of the massage, grab some cucumber for your eyes, buy a few facial masks like these, pore strips and any other self-care kits! Take the time to meditate and relax.

4. Go on a hike then have a cute outdoor picnic

If you're in NorCal, you have so many hiking options! Some of my absolute favorites in the Bay Area are Muir Woods, Mt. Tam to Stinson Beach, and the Batteries to Bluffs Trail. One of my favorite sites to find hiking trails is AllTrails - just type in your city and take your pick! Bring this picnic basket that also acts as a cooler to enjoy refreshing beverages and snacks after your hike.

5. Take a sunset stroll at a local park or Japanese Tea Garden

Sometimes taking a simple stroll in your local neighborhood can be just as romantic if you have hidden areas you haven't explored yet! If your neighborhood isn't that exciting, take a sunset stroll at a local park, beach or find a local Japanese Tea Garden! One of our favorites is in Hayward, CA called Hayward Japanese Gardens.

6. Do work in the kitchen with a virtual cooking class

You might as well learn how to cook something different if we're going to be staying home! Taking a virtual cooking class can be so fun and there are many options out there. Check out the Zoom cooking classes that Homeskool'd offers, hosted by two local Sacramento chefs, Ricky Yap and Chris Lombardi.

7. Paint, watercolor or do something crafty

Find a Paint & Sip class in your local area, search watercolor tutorials on YouTube, paint on ceramics, or do anything else that's crafty and easy-going for you! Remember when you used to do crafts with macaroni as a kid? Try that as an adult! Let your inner creative kid come out.

8. Go camping or glamping (I'm more of a glamping gal myself)

There are a ton of camping reservations you can make but you should definitely make sure the campgrounds are open. My favorite site to look at for glamping or camping is HipCamp, which is very similar to Airbnb but focused on camping on private land. Not much of an outdoors-y person? Take camping indoors by making s'mores! Try this indoors s'mores maker.

9. Have a board game or puzzle night

At the beginning of quarantine, we were playing Connect Four and Mancala on our Game Pigeon app on the iPhone so much, we finally decided to buy the actual games and we had so much fun! The most recent game we are obsessed with is Catan, but specifically the Game of Thrones version. Purchase it here and let me know what you think!

10. Watch a movie at the drive-in

New movies aren't coming out right now but you can get nostalgic with your partner at the drive-in theater. Big pro: You don't have to hide snacks in your jacket or purse to save money at the movies. Hahaha!

What other date ideas have you found to be unique and fun? What have you tried? Let me know in the comments below - I'd love to add them here. Find some time to break away from social media and the news. It's been heavy lately, and it's okay for you to unplug. Enjoy your date night, party people!

For romantic anniversary date ideas, check out my other blog post here!

With love & confetti,


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